How to Balance Your Hormones for Acne: Online Course

How to Balance Your Hormones for Acne: Online Course

Hi friends! Danielle the Acne Guru here! You are probably wondering what the real deal is when it comes to hormones and your skin. First off, we are told all the time that acne is just hormonal, and while that is partially true, it’s only a piece of the story. It makes sense that we overly focus on hormones (we get acne when we hit puberty, it gets worse during PMS or ovulation, and some birth controls make acne significantly better or worse). This all makes sense, but 90% of the time our hormones are just fine and the acne is actually dietary, lymphatic, or caused by certain supplements, along with hidden pore-clogging ingredients in our products.

While it is important to maintain healthy hormone function, you do this by eating right and avoiding toxins. You do this by sleeping well and exercising regularly. We don’t like seeing 13 year old girls get put on birth control just for acne when the conversation should be about how to eat right. We don’t like seeing women like you messing with their bodies by taking spironolactone because they are led into playing the hormone game. The conversation should be about education on how your hormones actually work. Usually when we get our hormone levels checked they come back normal- but the derms will still prescribe a hormone-modifying prescription. Does this feel right to you?

Let’s look at this from the big picture: yes, hormones like testosterone and DHT and progesterone/progestin are absolutely triggers if their levels are too high. This can happen naturally if you have PCOS or do heavy weight lifting. But it’s rare. These hormones are more commonly being affected by something simple, like your vitamins. Did you know that there are FOUR common vitamins that increase testosterone levels in women when in too high of a dose? Did you know that some birth controls make acne FAR worse because of their progestin ratios? We think you deserve to know what’s really going on inside your body so you can make educated decisions, not just take more pills (while still wondering why your acne came back).

At CLEARSTEM we are holistic acne experts, and we help women identify what type of acne they actually have (hormonal, lymphatic, product, etc) and we help them balance their diets and supplements for healthy hormones. Using hormonal birth control has other negative side effects, so using it just for your acne is like taking the batteries out of the smoke alarm. You could be overlooking the root cause and missing an opportunity to truly understand and balance your hormones naturally.

In our Ditch Your Acne Course, we go over hormone function as it relates to skin & acne, and we go over all the foods, vitamins, and supplements that will affect your hormones. There are even several “healthy” foods that will raise hormone levels if you consume too much, so you’ll learn all about those too.

Trying to solve acne can be a rollercoaster, and so can trying to understand your hormones. Let’s get you the information you REALLY need so you can focus your attention on the root issues and get off of the rollercoaster once and for all! Your health and skin are our #1 priority!

Our “Ditch Your Acne Course” entails more than 7 modules plus bonus modules. Module 7 covers how to balance your hormones for acne

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