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Dehydrated Skin Products for Dry/Dull Skin

Revitalize and repair dry skin with our non-comedogenic formulas that arethat’s unique to our dehydrated skin products. Products for dull skin range from eye gel to serums and everything in between, with options for all skin types. Our all-natural ingredients won’t clog pores, allowing healthy skin cells to regenerate as you moisturize and createcreating visibly brighter, bouncier skin.


Look no further for the perfect dry skin moisturizer. GENTLECLEAN™ is a calming and hydrating cleanser designed for acne-prone and sensitive skin. This daily cleanser removes oil without stripping the skin barrier, featuring anti-inflammatory properties that can help with eczema flare-ups. Our CELLRENEW® and BOUNCEBACK™ serums reduce redness and increase hydration, while the HYDRAGLOW™ stem cell moisturizer is full of antioxidant, hydrating ingredients that soothe dry or irritated skin. While our hydrating formulas combat dry and dull skin, eczema is a chronic condition, and we cannot promise that our products won’t need some support. When dealing with serious eczema, we always recommend consulting with your doctor for more personalized care.
As in most cases, it depends on your skin type. CELLRENEW® is a hydrating facial serum designed to minimize breakouts and inflammation. It leaves your skin feeling sufficiently hydrated after application, potentially replacing your need for a moisturizer. But for dry and sensitive skin types, we recommend layering non-comedogenic moisturizersmoisturizer on top, such as our HYDRAGLOW™ stem cell moisturizer.
Our non-comedogenic products are formulated without any pore-clogging ingredients. Even if you don’t struggle with frequent breakouts, there are many reasons to avoid products that contain pore-cloggers. Dull, dry-looking skin is a common side effect of clogged pores and has a much higher chance of developing blackheads and other acne. Unclogging pores allows for healthy skin cell regeneration, which results in brighter, smoother skin. While clogged pores are a more common side effect of oily skin types, dry skin can also contribute to blockages. Overly dry skin triggers the body to naturally produce more oil, while dead skin can cause buildups that clog pores. Our products are designed to give customers the best of both worlds: non-comedogenic and hydrating formulas. Skin will look younger and more luminous after use, all while setting the groundwork to prevent future breakouts.