three women holding bottles of different clearstem skincare products

CLEARSTEM Brand Ambassador Program

CLEARSTEM's ambassador program is a commission based opportunity, created for those individuals who have built an engaged following and are interested in sharing their love for CLEARSTEM's education and products. 

There are lots of fun perks, exclusive products and bundles, as well as free product and IG Live opportunities.

Please fill out your information below and our Partnerships Manager, Colleen, will reach out if we believe it is a good fit

Why You Should Join:

- You’ll receive a discount code and affiliate link to share for 15% off for all eligible CLEARSTEM products

- 10-20% commissions on all orders based on a tiered structure. No cap on commissions!

- Free product for having sales over $200 each month

- Free quarterly Masterclass with live Q&A

- Opportunities for collaborations and IG lives with the CLEARSTEM Founders

- Be the first to know about new product launches and campaigns + invites to private CLEARSTEM events

Want to Join?