How It Works


Click the button above. You'll be taken to the Rupa Health website to purchase a lab panel for $499.

Bonus: Receive 3 free months of access to our membership program with professional insights.


You'll receive an email from Rupa Health which prompts you to schedule your blood test at a lab near you.

Rupa Health will process your labs within 7-10 days. Results will be sent to a team of acne specialists.


Acne specialists will review the results and email your custom analysis within 2-3 weeks. Discover your acne triggers!

The email contains a discount code to access our membership program and a link to get started.


With your discount code you'll receive 3 free months of access to our membership program, including professional insights.

Following the trial period, membership is $19/month. Membership can be paused or cancelled at anytime.

Personalized Path to CLEAR Skin

Acne is not just a surface-level problem. It often stems from internal imbalances that require a personalized approach. Our specialists will create a personalized skin care plan based on your results that can include targeted hormonal acne regimens and acne scar treatments. Our Membership explores the misconceptions surrounding acne and the importance of addressing internal triggers.


The CLEARSTEM Acne Lab Test is for the person who wants to get to the root of their acne and address the underlying imbalances based on their functional testing results!
The CLEARSTEM Acne Lab Test is a customized blood test that includes markers commonly out of range when it comes to acne. The panel helps us unpack what the blood is communicating through a variety of categories such as stress, blood sugar, hydration, hormones, possible infections, immune, inflammation and more with our functional lab testing technology. These imbalances not only contribute to overall health, but can influence the skin as well. We will break down your results and help you discover which markers are out of optimal ranges and our top non-comedogenic products for each category that may be burdened!
Your CLEARSTEM Acne Lab Test not only provides you with a custom PDF based on your personal lab results, but also free 3 month access to our exclusive CLEARSTEM Membership filled with educational videos, powerpoints, community calls, masterclasses, Q&A and more. You will have all the support you need on your journey to clear and glowing skin!
The reference ranges will let you know where your levels sit on the scale for factors such as hormones, gut health, nutrients, and inflammatory markers. Our acne specialists will email you with a custom analysis of your functional lab testing results so you know exactly what the root cause of your acne is!
After receiving your results, you'll gain access to a range of resources designed to deepen your understanding of your skin and the recommended steps for treatment. These resources include video lectures, quarterly Q&A sessions, and monthly calls with acne specialists. Please note that individual consultations are not provided. These sessions cover topics such as hormone rebalancing, nutritional adjustments, gut health improvements, stress management, and more, tailored to your specific needs.

All lab work is ordered and processed through the Rupa Healthcare system by their designated providers. Test results will be stored and sent through Rupa Health. CLEARSTEM Skincare is not a medical provider and therefore we recommend consulting your physician prior to engaging in any goods or services offered.