My Covid Mask Is Breaking Me Out - What To Do

My Covid Mask Is Breaking Me Out - What To Do

Hey friends! This pandemic isn’t stopping anytime soon. We all have to wear our masks for the foreseeable future and even if you get the cute kind, you may be experiencing an increase in breakouts from wearing your mask. As if acne wasn’t a pandemic enough!

Why is this happening? 

  1. Humidity. The constant heat and moisture make a tropical environment which breeds bacteria and opens your pores, so any pore-cloggers in your skin or makeup are penetrating much deeper into the pores than usual. How to fix this? Use the CLEARSTEM list of pore-clogging ingredients here. Check all skin and makeup items against this list! If you discover that your makeup has pore-clogging ingredients, switch to PRIIA mineral makeup! It’s the best makeup for acne-prone skin and will not break you out (in fact, it’s so calming that it helps with acne).

PRO TIP: If you wear a mask all day for work we recommend bringing two and changing it out mid-day. Wash cloth masks every night and/or spritz your mask with rubbing alcohol at night and let dry overnight. This will kill the acne-causing bacteria. 

  1. Friction. Anything that constantly rubs on your skin will irritate it and compromise the skin barrier, giving bacteria the green light to flourish. Get a mask that is large enough to protect yourself but that doesn’t rub too hard on your skin. 

PRO TIP: This whole friction thing is the reason why many women get acne under their bra strap. Avoid things that rub you the wrong way, pun intended.

Solution time!

Here’s how you can remedy the active breakouts from your Covid mask (or any other reason). Use the CLEARity serum at night, letting it sit alone for at least 15 minutes. The mandelic acid in this serum will exfoliate and disinfect at the same time! CLEARity also contains turmeric and vitamin C which help to calm and heal the skin. If you have a job that requires you to be in your mask all day, then use CLEARity morning and night for maximum acne prevention. We also highly recommend following CLEARity with the CELLrenew serum because it truly calms the inflammation from the mask and helps heal acne scars in a major way. For severely inflamed acne we recommend our Sulfur Spot Treatment.

Stay cheery and healthy during this time, and look on the bright side- at least with a mask we are touching our faces less!

If you have any other questions we are happy to help, please do not hesitate to email us at hello@clearstemskincare!