Men’s Skincare: The Ultimate Playbook by CLEARSTEM

Men’s Skincare: The Ultimate Playbook by CLEARSTEM

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With Father’s Day just around the corner we wanted to do a special piece just for the fellas! To all the great dads out there: we appreciate you!! Thank you for always checking the air pressure in our tires for us.

To all the fun uncles, brothers, and boyfriends, we love you too and we made this guide so you can have a go-to for your most epic skin with minimal effort.

Men’s skincare is blowing up! It used to just be shaving cream and Irish Spring, but there are tons of great items for men and the guys are all about it- as they should be! Most guys are happy using the basics and don’t need much else. Simple-but-effective is the name of the game. We agree, and with this mindset it comes down to ingredients (per usual!) A simple but effective routine needs great products that actually create change in the skin in under 3 steps.

At CLEARSTEM we have a shocking number of male customers, and we freaking LOVE them. Guys who love their skin and have a routine = unicorn-level awesomeness and we encourage the heck out of this! Our favorite emails are about boyfriends stealing their girlfriend’s CELLrenew and VITAMINscrub- those two things work SO well for male skin and, and now the guys are falling in love with CLEARity, with good reason!

At San Diego Acne Clinic we treat a ton of men too, and not just teenage boys. Men in their 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s still get acne and they don’t have the luxury of wearing makeup to hide it. (Actually, men wearing concealer is totally a thing, but it’s not for every guy). One of the most common issues BY FAR is acne and/or folliculitis on the neck. Folliculitis looks just like acne but it’s actually being triggered by the act of shaving.

 So here are some shaving tips!

  1. Don’t use an electric spinning razor on the neck area if it’s sensitive. The spinning heads pull the hairs in different directions for a close shave, but it makes the odds of an ingrown hair about 3X. Use a straight edge multi-blade razor and try your best to go with the grain (in the direction of hair growth). On the face the hair generally grows straight down, but on the neck it can go sideways, so try to go with your natural direction.
  2. Spray a blade with rubbing alcohol prior to using (unless it’s brand new). This will cut down on bacteria on the blade
  3. Make sure your skin is completely clean before shaving. Wash off and pat dry. Shaving on dry skin leads to major irritation so soften it up with water first!

PRO TIP: The CLEARSTEM GENTLEclean wash is safe for sensitive skin and can be used as a shave gel. It’s clear, so you can visibly see through it to pay attention to the grain- this makes it SO much easier for you to avoid ingrown hairs. It also provides excellent glide and has calming botanicals to soothe the skin. WIN.

Either clearing breakouts, folliculitis, ingrown hairs, or brightening old scars, we got you. The CLEARkit (plus an acne-safe SPF) is a perfect routine and, because male skin tends to be thicker, they can use the VITAMINscrub am & pm, CELLrenew in the morning, and CLEARity + CELLrenew at night.

BONUS TIP: For men who are breaking out we recommend they avoid whey protein, eggs, and dairy completely. This is a BIG deal for men due to the hormonal effects.

Now for the fellas who want to create some change in their skin, For men looking for a lotion, the “Clearderma” from Face Reality tends to be the favorite. It’s particularly useful after shaving because it has both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory power.

If you don’t know what to get your dad for Father’s Day, or your boyfriend is looking for a solid skincare routine, we highly recommend the CLEARkit. He may not be “into skincare” but he definitely feels better when his skin looks good (just like everyone else). BONUS TIP: The CELLrenew can be used under the eyes, so it doubles as an eye serum- it feels AMAZING and men report seeing massive change when they use it! Minimum effort, maximum results. They’ll love it and you’ll be their skin hero!

Much love to you!

Danielle & Kayleigh, CLEARSTEM