Acne Safe Make Up and Skin Care Products Course Overview

Acne Safe Make Up and Skin Care Products Course Overview

So you have acne. Breakouts in random patterns, sometimes they act different, sometimes they randomly go away, and then they randomly reappear. It’s super annoying and you’ve tried all the things to get rid of it. You see things like “acne safe makeup,” “acne safe skincare,” “acne diets or acne nutrition,” “acne vitamins, including biotin and vitamin D,” etc.

How do you know what you’re looking for? And more importantly, how do you know what to AVOID? Knowing which ingredients to avoid is FAR more important. (ex: a lotion can have awesome ingredients like green tea and chamomile, but if the filler agent is Glyceryl Stearate SE it will still break you out). Shopping for acne safe skincare is a gauntlet of looking at reviews, before and afters, hearing recommendations from friends, scouring instagram etc. But if there is a missing piece of information you are very likely to keep wasting money and highly unlikely to see any real improvement. Plus don’t you want to know the actual reason why some of these acne products are better than others, why some work and some don’t?

We got you.

Here’s the honest facts about how products affect acne: pore-clogging ingredients lurk in about 90% or more of cosmetic products. Makeup brands you know and trust still use known pore-cloggers like ethylhexyl palmitate. “Clean beauty” and  “organic skincare” companies still use natural pore-cloggers like algae and seaweed. The list we have provided here in the CLEARSTEM List of Pore-Cloggers is your new savior for screening your products.

PRO TIP: Product alone will only account for 60-70% of your skin’s appearance.

Diet and other internal factors will determine the rest. It’s massively important that your skincare doesn’t have pore-cloggers because if it does, you will always break out. But you also need to know when and how much to exfoliate, which is unique to you! 

The best products for acne-prone skin contain mandelic acid, vitamin C, stem cells, and calming ingredients like arnica, zinc, aloe vera just to name a few. Expert formulations that contain all the best anti-acne ingredients are hard to find, and it’s even harder to find formulas that treat acne AND help you age better. Well, CLEARSTEM Skincare did just that. All formulas are anti-aging and anti-acne. We’ve got you covered, AND we will show you how to evaluate other brand’s products so you aren’t handcuffed to any one line. How good would that feel??

Taking our “Ditch Your Acne Course” empowers you to be the smartest consumer you could possibly be. No guesswork, no more “try and see”. In addition to learning about products, you will walk away knowing: 

  • exactly why you are breaking out 
  • why the old methods failed
  • dermatology prescriptions and their flaws
  • ideal diet & supplement routine
  • which birth controls help and hurt acne
  • how to evaluate products
  • how and when to exfoliate for your skin
  • how to treat acne scarring
  • the difference between gut health and digestion
  • detoxification methods
  • how to control your hormones
  • everything in between 

You Deserve This! 

Our “Ditch Your Acne Course” entails more than 7 modules plus bonus modules. Module 3, covers all of the various skin care products, make up and ingredients that are not safe for acne prone skin. 

Preview this module here: And sign up for this life-changing “Ditch Your Acne Course” now. 



Danielle & Kayleigh, Co-founders CLEARSTEM Skincare

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