What is Acne and What Causes it? The Real Answer and Ditch Your Acne Course

What is Acne and What Causes it? The Real Answer and Ditch Your Acne Course

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The really hard thing about acne is the seemingly never-ending, non-answers about what it is and how to treat it. You go to the Derm, they give you antibiotics. You go to an herbalist, they give you cooling herbs. You go to a spa and they give you their products. Where is the cohesiveness and who actually understands the root cause of this condition? And where can you get acne help that actually works? We have the answers. 

I’m Danielle Gronich, the country’s Acne Guru.  I own San Diego Acne Clinic and I did accutane 3 times, did lasers, light therapies, peels, facials, spironolactone, birth control and spent years on antibiotics and my acne still came back.

My partner Kayleigh Clark is a holistic nutritionist and published author, and is a wellness influencer. She was a clinic patient and we cleared her cystic acne in under 2 months. Together we have created a “Ditch Your Acne” course with 10 modules that cover the ROOT causes of acne. This is hands down the best resource to get acne help. You won’t learn this info at your doctor’s office. We also launched CLEARSTEM, our own brand of skin care products to help combat a range of skin issues, including acne and acne scars.  

What is acne? Acne is a genetic condition that causes our skin to produce more keratin protein than those who do not have the gene. This “hyperkeratosis” makes our pores fill up with excess skin protein that then mixes with oil and creates a plugged follicle (a comedone/pimple/zit). Acne is characterized by visible inflammation in the skin that often leads to infection (hence the typical antibiotic approach), and is highly influenced by hormones and dietary toxins. There are different types of acne, but this is the broadest and most applicable definition.

You can see there is a lot going on here (our bodies are complex!) so we want to help you make sense of (and fully understand) why your skin breaks out so you can get off the rollercoaster of partial solutions and take control of your skin for good.

Now that you know the root cause of acne, you need to know what the triggers are. There are several at play: diet (there are certain superfoods that drastically help your acne and there are some foods that inflame you the next day). There are products that can help heal your skin and products that will clog your pores even though they are organic. There are birth controls that will help manage the hormonal side of acne and there are some that will make it significantly worse. There are vitamins and supplements that calm acne and some that inflame it in the wrong dose. 

You need to know this information, otherwise you can be in this struggle for YEARS and still be battling with your skin, breakouts, and acne scars. We’ve done that and we don’t want others to needlessly struggle. Our “Ditch Your Acne” course is all the missing pieces you’ve been looking for.

The, “Ditch You Acne” course includes more than 7 modules, plus bonus modules that addresses all facets of acne, acne treatment and getting you the clear, beautiful skin you deserve. As we introduce each module to you here, please use the document attached to see what is covered in Module One: What Is Acne and What Causes It? 


Check back with us for additional modules or head over to our “Ditch Your Acne” page to learn more and sign up.


 Danielle Gronich | @danielle.the.acne.guru