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Non-Comedogenic Exfoliator for Acne-Prone Skin

Our gentle, yet powerful, exfoliators are designed to unclog pores, remove dead skin cells, and leave skin feeling fresh and smooth. A non-comedogenic exfoliator refreshes skin while also preventing future breakouts. Our non-toxic exfoliators are packed with natural ingredients like vitamin C, turmeric, and bamboo for vibrant results. Explore our blackhead dissolver, scrub cleanser, and face mask to combat acne at the source and rejuvenate your skin.


Yes. This is why we have designed our skincare products for sensitive skin, dry skin, acne-prone skin – essentially all skin types –to be as gentle as possible, so they can easily be incorporated into any skincare routine.  After receiving a peel or facial treatment, we recommend asking your esthetician about returning to your exfoliating routine. Generally, you should wait at least a week after a peel to start exfoliating again, but a professional will be able to guide your specific skincare. Overly dry skin could be a sign of over-exfoliation. If your skin has become dry from a change in weather, illness, or after a facial, we recommend reducing exfoliating time—for example, from daily to 1-2 times a week.
Everyone’s skin type is unique and will have different reactions to exfoliating products. VITAMINSCRUB™, our antioxidant-infused face scrub cleanser, is designed for all skin types: dry, sensitive, acne-prone, oily, and more. This gentle face exfoliator can be used daily, but for dry and sensitive skin, it is recommended to use VITAMINSCRUB™ two times a week to start. You know your skin better than anyone—if you notice excessive dryness, cut back on exfoliation and apply a non-comedogenic moisturizer like HYDRABERRY™ twice a day.
Our pores are filled with dead skin cells, sebum, and dirt every second. You could also be sealing these in with pore-clogging ingredients in your skincare or makeup. That’s why it’s important to use a gentle physical exfoliant or chemical exfoliant to refresh your skin. CLEARITY® is a powerful vitamin C exfoliating serum that unclogs pores, dissolves blackheads, and removes dead skin, all while making skin look rejuvenated. It thrives alongside VITAMINSCRUB™ because the exfoliating scrub opens pores and allows CLEARITY® to penetrate deeper into the skin. Our PREGAME™ face mask is a gentle exfoliator for sensitive skin that acts as an at-home facial. In just 5 minutes, it leaves skin smooth and glowing: the perfect pregame product! This face mask is a powerful tool to unclog pores and reduce acne scars since it’s formulated with alpha hydroxy acids and bamboo. It works best as a supplement to other skincare treatments, providing a helpful boost for quicker results.