Here's Your Recommended Skincare Action Plan with The CLEARKIT

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Decongesting & Brightening Face Scrub

Use a quarter-sized amount, lather in your hands and gently scrub your skin for about 10 seconds. Make sure to focus on areas of breakouts, and use light-medium pressure. This will remove the surface layer of skin protein that is blocking the pores. Rinse and pat dry.

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Smoothening & Unclogging Exfoliating Serum

Then apply 3 pumps of CLEARITY to clean dry skin. Leave alone for 10-15 minutes, but do not wash off. This may tingle slightly, which is OK. CLEARITY travels into your pores and breaks down the clogs while killing bacteria. The turmeric will help calm inflammation while the Vitamin C brightens and helps the collagen heal. CLEARITY helps with acne and acne scars while stimulating collagen for less wrinkles. *For dry skin, start CLEARITY every other night and then work your way up to 5 nights/week.


Regenerating & Complexion Improving Collagen Serum

After CLEARITY has done its work, apply 3 pumps of CELLRENEW. This serum helps to balance hormones and deliver stem cells to healing skin so the scars fade faster. You will notice hydration, soothing, and perhaps a cooling effect. Be sure to massage in so that you activate circulation & boost your internal healing response!

clearstem hydraglow moisturizer without lid


Regenerating & Restoring Face Moisturizer

After CELLRENEW you can go straight into HYDRAGLOW. This rich moisturizer will restore your skin barrier, balance out your moisture, and heal the skin. It delivers stem cells and bakuchiol (a natural retinol iterative) to regenerate your skin and heal from acne faster. Unlike other moisturizers, HYDRAGLOW has zero pore-cloggers so even though it’s luxurious, it will never clog your pores.

*All CLEARSTEM products are gentle enough for sensitive skin.

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I have stubborn acne-prone skin, this serum keeps my acne at bay and clear as long as I am consistent in using it. This product is natural and without harsh chemicals and won’t clog your pores. Many products out there claim to be “non-comedogenic” but still contain pore-clogging ingredients. I apply the serum every night and wake up to clear skin than I’ve ever had before, it’s amazing! If you have strong acne around your jawline and neck, this product IS for you. Be patient, consistent and you will see results in about two weeks.



"My skin has never felt better!"

I have been using the Clearity Serum, cell renew and vitascrub for a little over a year and cannot believe my skin. Not only do the products work, they smell great and feel amazing! I have struggled with cystic hormonal acne for years on and off and could never get my skin balanced and clear consistently. I love CLEARstem!



"You need this product!"

Great! This is the only product that helps me with hormonal breakouts!

My husband uses it to help control razor burn.



"Best Products"

Love, love all of them. These are all must-have products in your home for acne and anti-aging. My loves, these products have helped me heal my acne scars. They are such soothing products that work great when the skin may be irritated or more red. Cannot say enough good things. Been using them for 1.5 years.