Thank You CLEARSTEM Fam, 2018 Letter To You

Thank You CLEARSTEM Fam, 2018 Letter To You

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Now that 2018 has officially wrapped up, Danielle and I sat down and reflected a lot about CLEARSTEM and YOU in this past year. It’s hard to find the words to express how incredibly grateful we are for each and every one of you. YOU are our people, the ones who make it possible to do what we love, educating about skin health and creating functional products that truly change lives.

Our brand was originally created from our own experiences. Danielle and I both spent years struggling with acne and our skin. The different aspects that played their parts were lack of education, using products with pore-clogging ingredients, receiving wrong advice, struggling with an auto-immune disease, and not knowing the right steps to take to heal and gain control of our skin.

  • Danielle took that path of diving deep into research, studying under some of the best skin specialists, and then opening up her own practice, San Diego Acne Clinic that serves hundreds of patients.
  • I took that path of studying everything I could find about nutrition and the effects on skin, toxic vs non toxic ingredients, setting up calls with experts in the field, becoming a Holistic Nutritionist, and working one on one with clients to guide them through the healing process.

When we found each other Danielle was working on developing products based on the experiences she personally had as well as the experiences her hundreds of patients had.  We set out to create functional products that truly met the needs of what both her patients and my clients were going through. There were many women dealing with cystic acne after going off birth control, and both men and women struggling with stress and hormonal breakouts, not understanding what products were breaking them out, desperately wanting hydrated and glowing skin, and just to feel confident in their own skin.

At the end of 2017 we launched our first serum. A serum with a nutrient-packed dose of moisture and collagen stem cells. We created it to be functional with your skin, to truly make an impact. It aids your skin with antioxidant defense, cellular health, hydration, and tone. Many of our client report a reduction is scars, skin damage, sun damage, and fine lines and an increase in brightness, even texture, and a serious glow! 

Though this may seem like a recap we have some pretty amazing things coming in 2019. You can expect new product lines, a curated online wellness shop, an increase in education, and one on one experiences!

This year has been nothing short of amazing with you! Thank you for your support and we wish you and your loved ones lots of love, happiness, adventure, and growth in this new year.

Here’s to making a difference!


Kayleigh Clark

COO + Co-Founder