Acne Safe Ingredients

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If you are still experiencing active, uncontrolled breakouts, there is likely something lurking in your hair products, face makeup, or lotion. Heck, it could even be in your cleanser (we’ve seen it all). In order to control your skin’s behavior, you must know the ingredients in your products. Please refer to the list provided for the most common offenders. Cost has nothing to do with acne-safe. “Organic” has nothing to do with acne-safe, as it all comes down to the size of the molecules in relation to our own natural sebum. While organic food is incredibly important for ingestion, topical rules are totally different. Organic coconut oil with just give you organic pimples! The great news is that you do not need to spend a fortune on products, you just need to know what’s in them! We have seen $46 SPF’s that have Isopropyl Myristate (a major no-no) while the $12 CVS sunscreen is totally Get yourself familiar with the list of comedogenic ingredients, you can find this under our PORE CLOGGING INGREDIENTS TAB! You’ll save your skin now and be a savvy consumer for the rest of your life! If you need professional guidance (which we highly recommend), search for a Face Reality certified practitioner in your area- this system is the real deal for people who want clear skin!