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How to Remove Acne Scars & The Most Common Types – CLEARSTEM Acne Scar Removal Serum

Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH)

There are several different types of scarring. The primary one as it relates to acne is called Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). This encompases the red and brown marks left over from a prior acne breakout. Long story short, the collagen tissue has been damaged from the pimple itself  which triggers a pigmentation response and appears as a “brown spot” to the naked eye; the same weakened tissue was also likely sunburned or “shower-burned” which prolongs the injured state. If you have this type of scaring, it is very important to use an acne scar revision product on a regular basis that has been proven to work.

ICE-Pick and Boxcar Scarring

The other type of scarring is textural and is widely called  “Ice Pick Scarring” or “Boxcar” scarring. This deeper type of skin damage generally results from untreated cystic acne. These scars look like indentations in the skin and can be particularly deep in the thicker parts of our skin, like the cheek area and on body such as the back. Ways to treat this type of acne include microneedling (our favorite – especially when used in conjunction with CLEARSTEM Serum!), and in some more aggressive cases, resurfacing lasers like Fraxel or Pixel. We recommend that everyone start with microneedling first, as it regenerates the skin while causing minimal damage to the healthy areas. Please check the laws in your state for licensed professionals who perform this service. We recommend using CLEARSTEM during and post treatment for best results, because CLEARSTEM is one of the top scar revision products that will assist in further healing and fading of facial scars.

Why CLEARSTEM was created.

CLEARSTEM was formulated in conjunction with San Diego Acne Clinic because there were no effective products available to treat acne scars once clients got clear. Many of the common acne fighting skincare products (including pharmaceutical options like Tazorac, Aczone, Epiduo, Benzoyl Peroxide, Retin A) leave the skin uncomfortably dry, irritated, and peeling. Most of our clients found that these options did not help the acne and made scarring exponentially worse. It was a lose-lose.

CLEARSTEM was created specifically to reverse the damage caused by acne and the so-called “treatments” mentioned above! After 18 months of perfecting the recipe, we have created the perfect serum to reverse not only scar tissue but other visible signs of DNA damage in the skin! We have found that CLEARSTEM is an effective weapon against fine lines and wrinkles, along with general “sun spots.” Due to our unique ingredients and stem cells, CLEARSTEM addresses a range of skin irregularities, and aids in reversing facial scaring as result of acne or other injuries.

How CLEARSTEM helps with scarring

In order to correct any type of scarring we must first evaluate our entire skincare regimen to ensure proper sunscreen is being used and that we are not re-injuring the delicate healing tissue by burning it with hot water (“Shower-Burn”) and that we aren’t re-clogging our pores (please see our list of pore-clogging ingredients to avoid).The darker an individual is able to tan, the more pronounced and rapid the scars will appear, often seeming to never go away. Our mission is to provide you with preventative steps and professional strength products to allow your skin to heal.

CLEARSTEM Serum regenerates the skin and allows it to heal at the cellular level thus resulting in a visible reduction of scars. The collagen is what has been damaged during the acne breakout so we formulated this product with collagen stem cells for targeted skin repair. We have found that dry or inflamed skin does not heal, it stays in limbo, so we knew in order for this product to be effective it would have to calm topical inflammation on contact. Our ingredients include turmeric, willowherb, and green tea extracts, all of which calm inflammation on contact.

What Will Happen If You Don’t Wear Enough SPF

Sunscreen is imperative for anyone working on scarring.The weakened collagen is defenseless against the elements so your skin automatically sends Melanin to the surface to thwart UV damage (this is the same mechanism as a tan). This results in blocky uneven skin tone and dark spots also known as Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation (PIH). We rely on sunscreen to prevent the dark spots from getting even darker, especially in the summer months and tropical climates. On that note, next time you go on a beach vacation, please be sure to pack a zinc based sunscreen with no pore clogging ingredients. We recommend this one.

Don’t “Shower-burn” Your Skin

By now it’s widely known that hot water temperature can lead to early visible aging. But did you know that hot water temperature actually makes scarring far worse and can event prevent scars from healing altogether. Our skin is not designed to handle high levels of heat. Not only does hot water strip away our natural oils (lipid barrier), but the heat reinjures scar tissue, leaving it perpetually inflamed and unable to heal. We advise clients to use the “Baby Test” when working with their skin. In short, don’t do anything to your skin that you wouldn’t do to a baby’s skin – that includes using overly warm water or overly harsh exfoliators. Luke warm water is the perfect temperature for washing your face.