Ambassador Spotlight

Erica Nicole's Favorites

As an acne prone girly, I know how difficult it can be when it comes to finding the right skincare. There are so many products out there which ultimately leads to frustration and confusion. What works? What doesn’t work? Is this product acne safe? Well there’s no need to worry anymore because these 6 products from CLEARSTEM have your back.

Starting with the MINDBODYSKIN hormonal acne supplement. This supplement has quite literally changed my skin and my life. I went on three rounds of accutane, multiple rounds of antibiotics, spironolactone and birth control, and nothing has helped my acne more than this supplement. CELLRENEW, BOUNCEBACK,VITAMINSCRUB, HYDRAGLOW and HYDRABERRY are my go-to skincare products. These are products you can trust because they are made specifically with acne-prone skin in mind. There’s no pore cloggers, no hormone disruptors, and no toxins! I promise you, you can’t go wrong with any of these & you’ll be thanking me later. Happy skincare shopping!