Why Is My Forehead Breaking Out? Causes & Treatments

Why Is My Forehead Breaking Out? Causes & Treatments

Is your forehead breaking out? Learn about the possible causes and treatment options with this complete guide. Read on now.

Why Is My Forehead Breaking Out? Causes & Treatments 

When it comes to acne, some pimples are easier to hide than others. If a blemish appears in the middle of your forehead, a low-brimmed hat is about the only line of defense you have from showing your forehead breakout to the world. 

It can be frustrating to deal with forehead acne, but you’re not alone in this struggle. Lots of people find themselves asking, why is my forehead breaking out all of a sudden? But understanding why forehead bumps happen is crucial to treating them. 

We’re breaking down everything you need to know about forehead acne. Read on to learn why it happens and the best ways to remedy these breakouts so you can restore self-confidence in your radiant skin.

What Does Forehead Acne Mean?

Forehead acne is exactly what it sounds like – one or more pimples on your forehead or between your brows. Sometimes you might even see your forehead bumps even leading to acne on your hairline as well. Forehead acne can come in many different shapes and forms besides just pimples, such as:

Acne, as a whole, is a skin condition that occurs when pores get clogged up by oil, dirt, sweat, dead skin cells, or acne-causing bacteria from the outside world. 

That, in turn, makes the forehead a susceptible location for different types of acne to develop, as it can be exposed to hair and hair products, facial products, makeup, sweat, your hands, and the open air. This is why clogged pores often cause a forehead breakout or recurring acne.

Hormonal Factors and Forehead Acne

One of the chief instigators of forehead acne is a substance known as sebum. 

Sebum is a natural oil that our skin produces through sebaceous glands to moisturize and protect the epidermis. However, if these glands pump out excess oil, it can throw off the balance of your skin, clogging pores and resulting in forehead acne. 

Another factor that can cause the production of too much sebum is when our bodies undergo hormonal fluctuations. This is why hormonal acne is hard to get rid of during times of increased hormonal changes, such as: 

  • Puberty
  • Pregnancy
  • Menstruation/Menopause 

Is Your Skincare Contributing to Forehead Acne?

We all know that taking care of our skin is important for preventing forehead breakouts, but how can you optimize your skincare routine to best combat pimples when this issue flares up?

When investing in safe, non-comedogenic skincare products, you’ll want to look for ingredients like: 

  1. Aloe vera – This healing remedy kills acne-causing bacteria while reducing tenderness and relieving pain. 
  2. Green tea – Research shows that this ingredient may help to stop excess sebum production and lessen inflammation.3
  3. Mandelic acid – Useful for helping with mind to severe acne issues and reducing the appearance of acne scarring, this gentle ingredient is an effective exfoliant and skin firmer.

Mandelic acid is a key ingredient we use in our sulfur spot treatment that treats pimples and renews your skin. Next time you ask, why is my forehead breaking out, it might be a good idea to take a closer look at your skincare routine to see if your products and processes are tailored to the unique needs of acne-prone skin.

Other Lifestyle Factors That Affect Breakouts on the Forehead

Various elements of daily life, like stress, medication, and the environment, can be other factors in the development of forehead acne. 

Other common instigators include: 

  • Hair – When forehead acne pops up, it can be tempting to adopt hairstyles such as bangs to cover the area up. However, this can be counterproductive. Natural oils lubricate our hair, which can deposit onto your skin and worsen forehead pimples and facial acne. This is especially true if you have oily hair or use hair products that contain oily ingredients. In fact, there are lots of dangerous ingredients in hair care products that cause acne, which is why it’s critical to use acne-safe products. Try to reduce excess oil to prevent forehead acne.
  • Makeup – Caking makeup on an acne breakout might reduce the appearance of redness or skin irritation, but harsh cosmetics can worsen the issue in the long run. It’s vital to wear makeup that is gentle on the skin when you have a mind to severe acne breakout. Additionally, remove all products before going to sleep, as sleeping with makeup on can exacerbate clogged pores.

Effective Treatments for Forehead Acne: Tips and Recommendations

The best way to treat forehead acne is to treat the health of your skin. Healthy skin is clean, hydrated, and nourished, so use these tips to give your skin some TLC: 

  1. Adopt a consistent cleansing routine – Using a high-quality gentle cleanser to wash the day’s dirt off your face will help keep your pores clean and happy. This acne treatment step is especially vital after sweating or working out. 
  2. Keep your skin moisturized – You might think that hydrating your face with products would only increase the oil on your skin, but this is not the case. If you fail to use a quality non-comedogenic face moisturizer, your skin can become dry, which signals your sebaceous glands to produce even more sebum, leading to excess oil and clogged pores.
  3. Consider taking anti-acne supplements – A fantastic way to nip forehead breakouts in the bud is to treat it at the source. You can support your internal hormone balance by taking hormonal acne supplements created to aid bodily systems such as the liver.  

Fight Off Forehead Acne with CLEARSTEM

Forehead acne can occur because of clogged pores, hormone fluctuation, or external factors like acne-causing bacteria, oily hair, or makeup. But if you’re dealing with forehead acne, treating it is as easy as treating your skin with gentle, proactive ingredients. 

At CLEARSTEM, our team of experienced skincare professionals believes everyone deserves to enjoy clear, glowing skin.

We’ve formulated a special line of products for acne-prone skin that permeates deep to clear your complexion while simultaneously fending off the signs of aging. We also offer natural supplements for hormonal acne without 5-HTP so people taking antidepressants and SSRIs can achieve clear skin without the side effects.

Try out our advanced solutions to see why countless happy customers trust CLEARSTEM in their skincare routines.



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