Dry Skin Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

Dry Skin Tips for Acne-Prone Skin

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Looking to up your moisture levels in dry months, yet afraid of breaking out? We get it. Contrary to popular belief, moisturizing is not just safe, but essential for acne-prone skin. When your complexion becomes too dry, your sebaceous glands (found beneath the pores) will work harder to produce increased levels of natural oil called sebum. A healthy amount of sebum will give your skin a healthy and supple glow. However, too much sebum quickly leads to that dreaded oily or “shiny” surface. And what does oily skin produce? You guessed it: acne.

Fortunately, there is a way to keep your skin hydrated and avoid breakouts. Taking a functional and holistic skincare approach will keep your pores hydrated and acne-free. Check out the following tried and tested tips for dry skin on your face.

1. Hydrate!

You may have heard that drinking adequate amounts of water can help keep your skin healthy and hydrated. But why? Skin is an organ (in fact, the largest organ in your body), and needs water to function just like other organs. If your skin is not getting the proper amount of water, it will become tight and flaky, making it more prone to wrinkles and breakouts. As water is expelled in large amounts each day, you must replace it with consumption. Drinking at least 2 liters (hopefully 3) of water everyday will not only keep your skin moisturized, but will also help to flush out toxins that lead to acne.

2. Cut back on caffeine and alcohol.

Caffeine and alcohol are classified as diuretics, meaning they increase the excretion of water, leading to dehydration. Any substance that has a dehydrating effect on the body will also negatively impact the skin. Try replacing your morning coffee with sebum-reducing green tea, and make sure you are supplementing any alcohol intake with plenty of water.

3. Avoid shower burn.

Oh yes, one of our favorite tips for dry skin! In colder months, a steamy hot shower may be exactly what your body craves. Your skin… not so much. Cranking up the heat in the shower can dry out your skin by stripping away natural oils, leading to redness and irritation. For best results, only use lukewarm water on your skin, and avoid harsh scrubbing. Instead, gently massage your face using your middle and index fingers in circular motions.

4. Use an acne-safe lip balm.

No one likes chapped, cracking lips in colder months. A lip balm is essential to keeping your lips plump and moisturized, however many of them come at a cost. Although not applied directly to your skin, many lip products contain pore-clogging ingredients and can lead to those pesky pimples around the mouth. Check your lip balm to make sure it doesn’t contain any harmful pore-clogging ingredients. Our favorite acne-safe lip product can be found here at Priia.com (available in clear or tinted for an extra pop of color!).

5. Apply moisturizer immediately after cleansing.

Although your cleanser is necessary to drive dirt and makeup out of your pores, it can have a bit of a drying effect. This can be easily combated using a gentle face cleanser and applying moisturizer directly after cleansing. For best results, use a hydrating cleanser, pat dry, and don’t wait around before moisturizing! Our gentle cleanser will cleanse, detoxify, and purify your skin without stripping it. The anti-acne face scrub will smooth, refine, and brighten the texture of your skin while also minimizing pores.

PRO TIP: Use CELLrenew on your face, under your eyes, and on your neck & chest. All these areas are prone to photo damage (UV damage) so be sure to nurture all your areas. You will be SO HAPPY you did this is a few years.

6. Check the ingredients in your moisturizer.

Sure, your face lotion may be keeping your skin hydrated, but you don’t want hydration with a side of acne (free of charge). Most shelf products contain filler agents that are derived from coconut oil, palm oil, and algae/seaweed. These ingredients are commonly used for their long shelf-life, but are wreaking havoc on your skin. Like all CLEARSTEM products, our HYDRAGLOW Stem Cell Moisturizer is free of pore cloggers and will effectively work to keep your skin hydrated.

7. Don’t forget your sunscreen (yes, even in winter!).

Spoiler alert: even when the sun hides its face behind the clouds, harmful (and drying) UV rays can still reach your skin.

FACT: Dry skin doesn’t have as much protection against sun damage (your “lipid barrier” is what mainly protects you from UV damage, and when you’re dry that barrier is greatly reduced).

Make sure you’re not leaving out your daily SPF during cooler months! Face Reality SPF 28 is a great physical sunblock for dry skin as it contains an ingredient called allantoin that moisturizes, soothes, and promotes healthy cell renewal, while zinc oxide and titanium dioxide work simultaneously to protect you from UVA and UVB rays.

8. Add a serum to your skincare regimen.

For additional moisture (and a large boost of regeneration) try adding CELLRENEW, our collagen infusion serum that uses stem cells for anti-acne and anti-aging benefits. CELLRENEW works in conjunction with your moisturizer to improve the appearance of your complexion by fading scars and dark spots left on your skin from acne or sun exposure. Ingredients like saw palmetto, green tea, and reishi mushroom help regulate oil production, while turmeric and vitamin B5 stop inflammation, allowing your skin to re-balance and heal. To effectively keep your skin hydrated AND banish acne, a moisturizer and serum will act as your dynamic duo.

9. Invest in a humidifier for your home.

In winter months, you may wish to turn your heat up high, especially if living in colder climates. However, your skin may not react well to an unnatural surge of heat. With many of us still working from home and spending more time indoors, it may serve you (and your skin) well to add a humidifier to your space for a bit of moisture to supplement the dryer climate. Alternatively, try cozying up in your favorite sweater and fuzzy slippers and turning your heat down a couple notches.

10. Take your Omega 3’s.

Making sure you have adequate levels of healthy fats in your diet is essential for skin, and it’s especially helpful for acne. Omega 3 fatty acids are found in tuna, salmon, seeds (like chia) and some nuts. We encourage you to avoid the types of seeds and nuts that have high omega 6 (like peanuts), as this is not good for us in high quantities. Focus on foods and vitamins with omega 3 specifically. We love the brand Nordic Naturals for their omega 3 products and find that consuming these supplements can help give you a stable supply of healthy internal moisture.

These dry skin tips will keep your skin hydrated (and clear!) even in the driest months of the year. By taking a holistic approach and treating your skin both externally and internally, you can be sure to achieve optimal moisture without increasing your oil levels.

Much love,