AHCC® Case Study: Hidradenitis Suppurativa

AHCC® Case Study: Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Imagine with me for a minute. 

Imagine that since puberty, you’ve dealt with…scratch that…you’ve been plagued by a rare skin disease. One that brings painful, cystic boils and blackheads. Imagine every doctor you ask has said, “Sorry, there’s no cure for this.” Now imagine that this skin disorder decides to present itself on the most sensitive and vulnerable area for a woman. Yeah, down there. 

Imagine this impacting your confidence, sexuality, and intimacy your whole life. Imagine this following you, haunting you, making it painful to even walk or sit. Imagine thinking this is going to be your reality for life. 

Then imagine taking a chance on a stranger you see on Instagram. You’ve tried everything to fix, help and heal yourself…but maybe this could help. It’s helped SO many others. One more time you think, “Why not me?” 

Mimi here. I teach people how to heal and prevent disease through the intelligent power of mushrooms. I am blessed to receive success stories every day from excited clients using Immune Intel AHCC®. This is my private label of AHCC® and the main tool I educate on and use to help people get out of suffering – from HPV, Autoimmune disease, cancer treatment, HIV, herpes, arthritis, liver disease, diabetes – you name it. 

Out of the many many stories, I have to say, this story is one of the most powerful I’ve ever received. I’ll remember her forever. She says… 

“I heard about AHCC® one night while watching an Instagram story from one of my favorite photographers. She mentioned her sister was Mimi and that we should go ‘check out her page if you have acne issues’. 

I had terrible cystic acne issues in the most sensitive area on my body (aka my groin). To even write I had acne instead of I have acne is blowing me away right now. What really made me want to try AHCC was seeing Mimi’s results on her own face from cystic acne. I thought- if she can clear up her face, why couldn’t this work for me, down there? 

I have Hidradenitis Suppurativa in my groin area and it plagues me every blue moon with big cysts/boils/blackheads/everything. It’s an autoimmune skin disease that I’ve had since puberty. There IS NO CURE according the any doctor of dermatology. I thought I was cursed forever with these occasional but extremely painful and damaging cysts. 

Not only was it hard for me to walk without wearing Bandaids, but it also ruined my confidence during sexual intimacy. I have always felt so ugly and shy about down there. Immune Intel AHCC® truly came into my life when I was most desperate time. 

After having my second baby my skin went INSANE with excessive postpartum hormones and birth control pills. I was breaking out with flares back to back to back. I knew in my gut that my skin was crying out for help. I mastered TREATMENT of my skin but I never had anything for PREVENTING the problem. 

So I listened to Mimi and took 4 AHCC® capsules per day for a month and I saw my skin calm down. By month two I was seeing Cysts in the rearview mirror. Flare-ups were gone. Blackheads were few and far between, when they used to be countless. It’s almost like my sweat glands smartened up and they purged all the hateful pent up acne. They now know how to work properly. 

My Before and After photos are incredible (still embarrassing) but prove to me that this is real deal. No Accutane or topical cream could ever touch me again. I wish I had these ‘AHCC magic pills’ in my 20s but I am so very thankful every day that I am still young enough to enjoy my life with AHCC® now. I want to encourage anyone with Hidradenitis Suppurativa reading my review to give this food a shot. 

My attitude and outlook on life is forever changed because of freaking mushrooms and I love it.” 

This angel is choosing to stay anonymous, but we’ll call her “Jasmine.” She so badly wants to be a light for anyone suffering from Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS), other skin disorders or autoimmune disease. Below are her very private results before and after only one month of using a combination of Immune Intel AHCC® + CLEARSTEM CELLrenew Serum! 

Above: Four week results of Hydradenitis Suppurativa treated with Immune Intel AHCC® and CLEARSTEM CELLrenew Serum

When Jasmine first contacted me about Immune Intel AHCC®, I had never worked with anyone who had HS before; I didn’t know much about it. As I read more and more, I saw that there is an autoimmune link to HS. That’s all I needed to see to know that there was a great chance AHCC® could really help her. 

After Jasmine allowed me to share her story on social media, multiple women contacted me sharing their HS frustrations, amazed by these results and so grateful they found something that might give them some relief as well! 

AHCC® comes from Shiitake mushrooms, is classified as a functional food and is safe for everyone. AHCC® delivers unmatched immune intelligence to your body – hence, the name I chose for my private label. To see some of the extensive clinical research visit the AHCC® Research Organization. It makes your body smarter, function better as a whole, and regulates the immune system like no other. 

When she started taking AHCC®… 

Here’s what happened in her body: 

• Her body started making more Natural Killer (NK) cells, which are involved in regulating the immune system 

• These intelligent NK cells sensed that her immune system was attacking itself and running on overdrive, which is the definition of autoimmune disease 

• Systemic inflammation + stress hormones were also decreased by AHCC® 

• Her immune system started to calm down, and flare ups stopped 

• Her body was finally in a state to start the healing process of the HS sores 

Jasmine also used the CELLrenew Serum at my recommendation to break down the melasma and start to heal her hyperpigmented, scarred skin. After my own facial cystic acne scars were erased by using CELLrenew, I am a walking billboard for this magical serum! You can read more of my own healing story here.

My prayer is that Jasmine’s HS story reaches far and wide to give anyone suffering from this or any other skin or autoimmune disorder some very real hope. 

Immune Intel AHCC® could very well be the last new supplement you take to heal your body. Don’t think of AHCC® as “just another supplement to try.” This is unmatched immune intelligence that I believe belongs in every body. Young or old, generally healthy or sick, and even pets! 

To hear me deep dive on Immune Intel AHCC® and discuss all the diseases and conditions it is effective against, as well address the most common questions I get, you can listen to the episode on my podcast, The Medicin, linked below. 

Immune Intel AHCC® is the intelligence your body needs to heal + prevent disease.

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Whatever the thing is for you – the sickness, the disorder, the condition that’s keeping things dark for you… You can heal. Don’t give up. I’m here to help, and so is AHCC®. 

Mimi is a clinical dental hygienist, culinary nutrition expert and AHCC® educator. She has been helping people heal and prevent disease naturally for over 9 years. Mimi committed to being the link between the clinical research behind AHCC® and the common public via social media and online courses. Her purpose in life is to see others get out of unnecessary suffering through the intelligent healing power of mushrooms.