Acne Overview Causes Treatments

Acne Overview Causes Treatments


It’s a condition thats root cause is “retention hyperkeratosis,” which means that our pores are genetically prone to making excessive amounts of keratin protein, which then gets stuck within the pore.  In more simplistic terms: our pores get clogged very easily. 

What is the root cause of acne? It comes from 4 main causes. Genetics (the most out of our control), imbalanced hormones, topical pore cloggers, and a heavily processed diet or food allergies.

Cause One

Genetics - There are specific genetic traits that can increase your chances of developing acne. Many times it can “run in the family” making some people more acne prone than others. Specific skin types and ethnicities have a tendency to overproduce keratin protein, leading to more clogged pores, and in turn, more acne.

Cause Two

Topical Pore Cloggers - Many of the filler agents in your products are derived from coconut oil, palm oil and algae/seaweed. These are commonly used for their long shelf-life, and they are wrecking our skin. We have formulated all of our products to be free of pore cloggers, and we have provided a list so you can check anything else you want to use.

Cause Three

Heavily Processed Diet/Food Allergies - A heavy processed diet includes processed carbohydrates. These processed carbohydrates increase your blood sugar levels, deeply affecting your hormones and leading to inflammation. By eliminating sugar you can help to control your oil product thus resulting in a decrease in acne. Food allergies play a major role in acne as well. If your acne persists after changing your diet and many of the tips we have listed, consider getting allergy tested!

Cause Four

Imbalanced Hormones - There are tons of chemicals in your personal products that damage your hormone balance. Many of these chemicals mimic or partially mimic naturally occurring hormones in your body. When hormones are mimicked it leads to an imbalance of natural hormones, which in turn, can cause acne. 


Here’s what to do when experiencing acne. If you have any additional questions about acne please click the link below and ask us your question. We’re here for you!

Exfoliate More: Because a primary cause of acne is excessive skin protein, we need daily (but appropriate) exfoliation, usually in the form of a gentle scrub and a friendly acid blend. Most patients respond to this therapeutic blend of physical and acid exfoliation best, because the combination tackles not only the extra keratin protein, but the clogged oil and cosmetics that get trapped inside the follicle as well. Our VITAMINscrub and, CLEARify acid serum are designed to address both concerns in a gentle but highly effective manner. Users report a visible difference after each use. Not exaggerating.

 Evaluate All Skin and Hair Items Immediately: Check for secret pore-cloggers ASAP, and be shocked what you find. Even an expensive makeup from Bloomingdale’s can have Ethylhexyl Palmitate or Isopropyl Myristate. That “natural” skincare primer you scored can have a coconut base. The Kevin Murphy conditioner that loves your hair may not love your skin, and could be leaving Shea Butter residue on your neck and pillowcase, causing breakouts on your dominant sleep side. Take 10 minutes to manually check all of your skin/body/hair products using our list of pore clogging ingredients. This is the single most important step in controlling your skin, friend. We made it as easy as we could for you!

Avoid Accidental Acne Triggers: This includes, fabric softener, Tide “Pods,”, body/hand lotion, hair products, not washing your face after working out or, kissing contact with a SO who uses a pore-clogging lotion.

Hydrate: Drink at least 3 liters of water per day, and avoid alcohol and caffeine until you’ve gotten the breakouts under control. Acne is synonymous with internal inflammation, so until inflammation subsides do not add any more by downing espresso and hitting the bars. It won’t go well (believe us; we’ve been there).

Check your supplements: Any supplements with overly high levels (more than 100% RDI) of Zinc, Vitamin D, Calcium, Ashwagandha, Biotin, B12, or Niacin will trigger a Testosterone surge and will affect facial and body acne, specifically near the chin and lip, under the jaw, by the ears, and even in the hairline.