The Anti-Aging (& Anti-Acne) Diet!

The Anti-Aging (& Anti-Acne) Diet!

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We’ve touched on the anti-acne diet before, and it’s still one of the most frequently asked about topics! I wanted to do an updated piece on diet recommendations for your health and your skin! 

At San Diego Acne Clinic we spend a HUGE amount of time examining our patients’ diets. My 3 biggest eating tips for people are: 1. Hot water with lemon in the morning (alkalizes the body and stimulates digestion), 2. Digestive enzymes before meals to aid in food break down and maximize nutrient absorption, 3. Stick to the Low Glycemic Index. We’re going to focus more on #3 in this article because it is so dang critical to maintaining clear skin. The Glycemic index of food measures how quickly the sugar in a food item spikes your blood sugar (breaks down into glucose). Sometimes you grab a piece of fruit when you’re hungry and then you’re hungry again 20 minutes later and other times you can be sustained on one serving of veggies for hours. That has to do with the glycemic index of the food you’re consuming. We want foods to have a LOW glycemic index, so our body burns the calories slower, steadier, and without creating an unwanted spike in blood sugar. We want to avoid high glycemic foods (think soda & candy as perfect examples) because the sugar enters the bloodstream extremely quickly.

Why do we care?

Blood sugar spikes cause inflammation in the skin! Affects other things too, but mainly your precious skin. Your happy complexion can become oily and broken out as a result of the sugar overload. Like, overnight. (PRO TIP: Alcohol is all sugar, so we generally stick to Tequila + Lime + Soda for getting the job done without a sugar overdose.)

When it comes to structuring your meal plan, it’s important to get enough fiber, veggies, and clean protein. The Paleo plan is generally very low-glycemic but diets are not for everyone. I strongly feel that women need good carbs, and so do those who exercise regularly. We recommend clean, whole foods that you can pronounce rather than a specific diet. We have taken the liberty of crafting a sample diet plan for you below + you can get a ton of additional information on supplements and other important anti-acne diet tips on our skin nutrition page:

THE IDEAL PLATE (see graphic): We want our plates to be bright, with a lot of color from different veggies and fruits! The more naturally colorful your plate is, the better. Ideally, your plate should hold 50% veggies, 25% protein, and 25% low glycemic carbs. Below is a useful chart of all the safest, LGI fruits & veggies. 

Here’s a sample of a great day:


Large cup of hot water with plenty of lemon OR green tea with lemon. Avoid coffee if possible- it’s just not great for you and is dehydrating. 

Option 1: Whole grain rolled oats + berries, cinnamon, chia & flax seeds

Option 2. Gluten-free toast with almond butter, berries

Option 3: Cheerios (they’re gluten free!) with Almond or Flax milk 

Option 4. Veggies or brown rice with clean protein 

Snack options: Low glycemic fruits  and veggies (see chart!)


Lunch: Follow the Ideal Plate guidelines! Aim for about 25-30% protein to ensure that the meal is low-glycemic. That’s the easiest rule of thumb.


Dinner: Follow the Ideal Plate guidelines. Aim for about 25-30% protein to ensure that the meal is low-glycemic. That’s the easiest rule of thumb.


Dessert: Berries or oranges with cinnamon. Trust us, it’s delicious.

No matter what you eat, digestive enzymes are there to assist and provide universal benefit. When planning your meals it’s critical that you FEEL good and are nourishing your system with hydration and proper amounts of fiber, veggies, and good protein. We don’t like diets that interfere with your natural needs (like avoiding all carbs), and we know that every culture has dietary habits that are practiced from childhood, so if your system is used to eating a certain way and it’s not causing inflammation, go for it. There is no one size fits all, but there is an excellent framework provided by the Ideal Plate structure! Bon appetit friends. 

Love, Danielle & Kayleigh